Joey & Michelle

Did you see how much publicity this awesome couple has received this week for Veterans day?? How cool, you guys! View more of their awesome day below to re-live their wedding day. And to see more of their amazing first dance photos! You two are an inspiration to so many people!!

See some of the articles exploding around the globe for these two!

Daily Mail
The Huffington Post
Fox News
ABC News
NY Daily News
Fox59 Indianpolis – and MANY more local news stations around the United States (San Fran, LA, Boston, Oklahoma!)

Joey and Michelle met at a country music concert at the Indiana State Fair soon after he arrived home from a tour in Afghanistan. Just 4 months after meeting, Joey got into a motorcycle accident that left him in a wheelchair. Michelle and Joey are soulmates and its obvious that the love between these two is real. On June 28, 2014 Michelle and Joey were married in Noblesville, Indiana in front of friends and family and captured by the lovely LinneaLiz Photography associate, Jennifer.

What Michelle didn’t know was that Joey was planning a surprise for their first dance. Having practiced the  morning of the wedding Joey’s military groomsmen hoisted Joey into the air through a harness system so that he would be eye to eye for his first dance with his wife, Michelle.

“When Michelle walked in the whole room was quiet, she had no idea what was going on. She saw Joey standing and she had a giant smile on her face which quickly turned to tears. Everyone was in tears. Joey had been planning the dance for months and having his military groomsman literally supporting him added even more to the emotion in the room. The dance was a beautiful moment to not only capture but to experience.” Jennifer Davis, LinneaLiz Photography

What a beautiful beginning to a long life together. Congrats you two!

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Michelle had NO idea that Joey was going to be standing for their first dance. ahhh!!! gives me goosebumps!!! 2014-07-09_0060 2014-07-09_0061 2014-07-09_0062 2014-07-09_0063 2014-07-09_0064 2014-07-09_0065 2014-07-09_0066 2014-07-09_0067 2014-07-09_0068 2014-07-09_0069 2014-07-09_0070 2014-07-09_0071 2014-07-09_0072 2014-07-09_0073 2014-07-09_0074


A Few of Joey and Michelle’s engagement photos

2014-11-12_0004 2014-11-12_0005 2014-11-12_0006


With Love,
Rachel Linnea & Sarah Liz


26 responses to “Joey & Michelle”

  1. Jennefer says:

    WOW the pictures are amazing they really tell a story what a true love story.

    • Rachel Linnea Lank says:

      Thanks Jennefer! This sweet couple is an inspiration to many!

      • Annie says:

        This is amazing story for me and the world to see.l look at the video so many times Joey and Michelle. One day GOD is going to bless you to walk again Joey this time it will be evening beautiful then the first time you stand.Joey and Michelle keep the faith because it going to happen. May God bless the happy couple for many more years to come.Thanks to everyone that was involved in this beautiful inspiration Wedding. Keep us posted Joey and Michelle in the future to come.Thank you Linnealiz photography for these beautiful inspiration wedding pictures.

  2. John says:

    Wow! These pictures are so amazing! It is really such a cool and inspirational love story of Joey and Michelle and how he kept the surprise of standing for their first dance! Great photos!

  3. Amy says:

    Beautiful couple, and an amazing story. Definitely an inspiration! Wishing them many years of happiness!

  4. Peet Lanbol says:

    God bless you all the time!!!!! Holland

  5. Lindsey says:

    I smiled, a tear fell. Their story is fabulous, and the way you tell it makes me feel like I was there. The way you captured their love is wonderful.

  6. Gerardine says:

    Hey! Nice work on the shots, loving them! Please extend my congrats and best wishes to the newly weds. My boyfriend is in a somewhat similar situation as her man. Seeing them happy, it makes me feel more that love is all we need. Many thanks kudos to your work!

  7. A Christian couple says:


    Be blessed!

    A Christian couple from the Netherlands

  8. Chinita says:

    I just cried looking at the pictures… love is such a beautiful thing regardless of the challenges. It was a pleasure to witness this blessing.

  9. passion4jay says:

    I saw this posting at least 10 times on facebook throughout the week, amazing story. Brought tears to my eyes the love and dedication in this couple!! Shout out from Canada

  10. angelina says:

    Wow being a mom of a son who just joined the Navy and will be graduating boot camp next Friday this story touched my heart. You are truly blessed may god bring you both best of health and happiness.

  11. Sonya Banna says:

    how awesome! my son is military and this woman is amazing!

  12. Teresa M Hudson says:

    Congratulations. Beautiful photos. Love the engagement photo at the end! Hoping you can get help with one of the many companies that have exoskeletons to help with walking again.

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  14. TamekoTheArtist says:

    How beautiful the two of you are. Your love lights up your faces it is so great to see true love in this way.

  15. Asburyman says:

    Amazing couple! Amazing pictures! Way to go LinneaLiz Photography. Much success in the future to all of you.

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