Kori and Drew | Denver, CO | Lookout Mountain Engagement Session

Kori and Drew | Denver, CO | Lookout Mountain Engagement Session

Wow, I  am not sure I  have words for this trip to Denver. Not only is the landscape stunning, this couple reflects pure beauty. Inside and out both Kori and Drew were beyond welcoming, thankful, hospitable and loving to not only us, but every guest at their wedding. Rachel and I  flew into Denver on Thursday and went straight up to lookout mountain with these two to take pictures in one of the most beautiful places we have ever been. All those photographers out in Denver are spoiled!!! All we have in Indiana is flat flat, and this was just like dropping two 5 year olds in the largest playground they have ever seen.  We couldn’t stop giggling and saying oh my, and holy cow, and wow, throughout the entire session. Not only was the landscape beautiful, but Kori and Drew just smiled from ear to ear and posed like it was the most natural thing in the world. I  don’t know if we have ever had a bride smile SO much through not only this session, but the entire time we were there and throughout the wedding day. SO. MUCH. JOY!

A little bit about these two. Drew and Kori waited awhile to find each other and it actually started out kind of rocky.. Connecting via online dating, neither were very excited to get together, based on previous online dating interactions, a few vague texts from Kori, and a wary Drew.. BUT apparently the Lord had other plans and pretty much forced the “pre-church” coffee date. A date that turned into hours of discussion and of course, eventually falling in love, and a proposal.

Rachel and I  went to Indiana Wesleyan with Drew and knew him through mutual friends, we had lost touch a bit, but you know Facebook being the social connector that it is, Drew had followed Rachel and I’s work. We were beyond honored and SOOO excited when he asked us to shoot his wedding in DENVER even BEFORE popping the question!!

I consider this part 1 of this couple’s story, many more wedding images to come, but for now.. ahhhhh… one of our favorite sessions of all time.


Denver Mountain Engagement Session

with love,
Sarah and Rachel | Wedding Photographers

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